10 Signs That Shows An Introvert Is In Love With You

signs that shows an introvert is in love

10 Signs That Shows An Introvert Is In Love With You


Introverts have been tagged names ranging from shy, secretive, proud to slow. In fact, people are of the opinion that introverts are people with low self esteem. Most think that introverts would rather stick to a corner of the room, interact with few or no person, than make themselves the center of attraction in a gathering. While the belief that introverts would rather keep to themselves is true, the notion that they suffer low self esteem is pure fallacy.

However, despite the quiet and calm nature of the introverts, there are situations where the recessive ability to act like an extrovert is turned on. One of such situation is when they fall in LOVE!

So, what are the signs an introvert is in love?

1. They let you into their fears and insecurities. Once they fall in love with you, you find them sharing their pains and secrets, which they might have not shared with any soul.

2. They become a chatterbox when they are with you . So, you think an introvert doesn’t like talking? That’s not true, they have not just met who they are comfortable with.

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3. You see the lively side of them. If you think an introvert is boring, it’s because you have not seen them with the person who they love. Once they fall in love with you,  the word ‘boring’ becomes a thing of the past.

4. They bare it all. Introverts may be secretive, but not with the person they love. Once they are in love, you become their human diary. And when there’s any news, they talk to you about it first! This is simply because they are comfortable with you.

5. Yes, they are reserved, but they could get vocal in defending the person they are in love with.

6. They could go out of their comfort zones to prove a point. Imagine an introvert dancing with their lover, in the presence of people who have never seen them danced.

7. They could be hilarious. If you think introverts are ‘dry’ people with no sense of humour, you are probably wrong. When they are with their loved ones, they can be really hilarious, you’d wonder how they came about such comedy!

8. They can tell you the truth. They are honest with whosoever they fall in love with. If you want to know the truth about something, ask an introvert who is in love with you.

9. Yes, they love having their me-time, but they can still share it with that special someone.

10. They become more loving. As you two get deeper in the relationship, they love you more, they show more affection which is seen in the things they do for and with you. With time, you know they can be very romantic.

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