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See 4 Mistakes Students Make That Slows Their Progress After Graduation

As students, our wish is to eventually finish school and step into the next phase of life with the hope that the next phase will be free of unnecessary stress and hardship.
None of us wishes to finish school, return home and then become stagnant. We all wish to continually make progress.
Whether it is entering the labor market to get good jobs or continuing in higher academic pursuit, our desire is to move forward in life. To make progress after graduation.

However, the sad but true fact is that a lot of students are making mistakes that can greatly slow their progress in life after they graduate.Many have made these same mistakes and after they graduated, life had to correct them in a hard way; while their mates made substantial progress, they slowed down.

Now, if you’re currently making these mistakes, I urge you to put a sharp stop and quickly take correction.
What are these mistakes?

1. Waiting to finish school before they start practical learning

We all know that virtually all that we’re being thought in class are theory which are largely useless outside of class.Again, we also know that the labor market demands practicality but a lot of students are doing nothing about that.Students are not paying attention to learning the practicality required in their chosen career. Those who pay little attention are waiting to finish school before they start learning these practical aspects.
Now, that’s a grave mistake.Imagine Yusuf; a fresh accounting graduate with an excellent CGPA, loaded with accounting theorems but does not know how to use the accounting software employers are hustling for.
Why won’t Yusuf be jobless? He’ll have to find a way to learn these software so as to make good progress. But what if Yusuf had learnt this while in school?
You need to learn the skills and practicalities required in your chosen future ambition before you graduate. Those who do will be making progress while others will be forced to remain learners.

2. Not making conscious effort to network/make connections

Many unemployed graduates today complain bitterly about how their lack of connections is the reason for their losses.But then, the question is:If connections can get you a job, why not start making connections?

Now, it is important to note that the environment higher institutions provide is excellent for making connections with ‘destiny helpers’; don’t waste it.There are countless caliber of persons you can connect with on campus. The mistake most students are making is not making conscious effort to build connections and network.Please make quality friends. Do you have a politician’s offspring in your class or around you, make friends with them; such people easily find plum jobs and they might take you along.

3. Putting their future in the hands of others
I have heard students say things like:”My uncle works with customs and has promised to give me a slot after I graduate”Now, I know I said you need to build connections that can be helpful, but that doesn’t mean you should depend totally on such connections.Totally depending/relying on promises by Daddy or uncle John means you’re putting your future in their hands.Please don’t do that. It’s a very big mistake. Nobody is worth you putting your future in their hands. God forbid, what if something happens to them and they become unable to help you as promised?

4.The Mistakes Of Thinking that success will happen by luck

This is the funniest mistake of them all. Many students just live their lives with no goals, strategy or plans for the future.For them, life is about luck. They hope they’ll be very lucky after graduation and everything will just fall in place.Well, please stop making this mistake. It is costly.Put plans together, set goals and start to put in the required work now; don’t wait until you graduate.Progress doesn’t happen by chance or luck. To make progress you need to do your part. As it is said;Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness.

Finally,These mistakes constitute the reasons why too many graduates are unemployed today.
You don’t have to make same mistakes. Avoid them, and your progress after you graduate will not be slowed down.The ball is in your court. Take corrections, take actions and make progress.Now it’s your turn to add to the list; what other grave mistakes do you think students are making that can slow them down after they graduate?

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