8 Common Reasons Why Upcoming Bloggers Quit Blogging

Here are 8 common reasons why people quit blogging :

Not Knowing Anything About Blogging
If you want to start blogging then the very first thing you should do is to study the system. Most bloggers start blogging without any knowledge of how the system works and end up doing nothing. Always make proper research before starting blogging. It will be a stepping stone to your success. Find what interests you and start a blog
about it.

Insufficient Time
When you will ask any blogger who failed why he left blogging, he’ll probably say ” I didn’t have enough time to work on the blog” . A number of people start blogging with lots of enthusiasm and then end up quitting it because of lack of time. Try to manage your time properly. I put a whole lot of time to work on my blog.

Giving up Quickly
So many times, I’ve wanted to give up blogging but when I remember all the work I’ve put in, I simply refuse to quit and let all I’ve worked for go down the drain. The secret to success is – Never ever quit . Most new bloggers get tired within the first 1 one month that they finally come to the point that they decide to quit. After a proper analysis, I discovered that most newbie bloggers quit during the first 3 months.

No Proper Writing Skills
I’ve seen a lot of blogs created by new bloggers and most times when they try to create unique content, they end up
creating a catastrophe ; a post full of blunders and grammatical errors. Blogging is about learning and putting it
in your own words. Bloggers write articles daily but often forget to pay attention to their writing skills. So lack of writing skill is one of the big obstacles.

Not Having A Proper Plan
I normally make plans on what to do next for my blog and constantly planning strategies on how to make the blog get to where I want it to. Most new bloggers don’t know about the concept of making plans and how to execute them with proper time and resource management. Blogging is like a business, if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

Lack of Promotion
Promotion is a continuous process and you shouldn’t stop till you get some good loyal readers.Finding the best ways to promote a niche is a tough job. When they can’t discover any means to promote their blogs, they just quit.

Not Being Persistent and Consistent
Every thing you do in life needs persistence and consistency.In the first few days of starting a blog, people keep writing posts with full enthusiasm and atleast 5-10 articles a week ( I wrote up to 10 on my news blog ). Along the way, they feel that they aren’t getting enough traffic and earning for their blog and then simply quit

Not Making Money
When I started blogging, I ran a news blog for about 3 months without earning anything but I continued. I didn’t quit because I just wanted to make a name for myself in the blogosphere. On the long run, the news blog failed because it was really givingimage for blogging me stress. I made 800 posts on the news blog and got a total page view of 150,000. I was frustrated. When I compared my blog to the other blog,it’s a huge difference. I’ve had over 1 million page views on my blog with the same number of posts I had on the news blog.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people just quit blogging after some time.I always tell people – if you start a blog with the mindset that you’re just going to make huge money in a short space of time, then blogging is certainly not for you. Unless you want to invest massively in advertising and get enough returns.Making money online is not easy and it is one of the things that motivate people to continue blogging.
When people don’t make money for first 3-4 months then they think just think about quitting blogging.

Start doing some things that’ll to take your blog to the next level, soon you will start reaping the fruits. Be creative- find what is not in place in other blogs, add it to yours and run it with your own style. Don’t feel like quitting. Give your best on your blog.

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