10 Ways To Spot Womanizing Male Tailors

signs that shows an introvert is in love

signs that shows an introvert is in loveSome tailors no dey carry last when it comes to womanizing. Below are the ways to spot womanizing male tailors

1. They stylishly Caress Ladies

A common trait of most womanizing male tailors is that they will try as much as possible to caress a lady when measuring her burst, hips, thighs and other sensitive parts of a lady’s body. This is aimed at having a sweet sensation

2. Ask Request for Female Customers” phone numbers unnecessarily

Perverted male tailors request for female customers number telling them they use it as a medium to communicate with them when their clothes will be ready for collection, when in fact, it might be aimed at ringing them up to perform their wooing exercise. It’s very much common to these fashion designers at Lekki, Surulere and other exotic places in Nigeria 😀

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3. They are overly Nice to Ladies

Womanizing male tailors are always giving preferential treatments to ladies even when situation does not warrant such. A male customer might come to their shops and they will deem it unnecessary to offer him a seat but by the time a lady comes in, they wouldn’t hesitate to offer their own seats. In fact, they can ever sew for free in as much as they stand the chance to get under the legs of a female customer

4. The Smile sheepishly

Another way to spot them is that, though they might be moody since morning but by the time a female visitor steps into their shops, they try as much as possible to give her a lustful smile as if all has been well. This is very common with young tailor who happen to be students 😀

5. They are very Hostile to their Apprentice

The same say strict lecturers womanize without any student noticing, the same way some tailors do. They frown every now to their apprentice so that they can be feared and respected. Many a times, you see them lashing their servant some strokes of cane for any little mistake. There’s one in my area, despite his strictness, he was caught bleeping his apprentice at odds hours in the shop

6. They Fix Appointment at Hotels to Deliver a Lady’s Clothes

That was how one tailor wanted to deliver my girlfriend’s clothes and told her to meet him at an exotic hotel for the collection. I just smiled and told my girlfriend say I no wan see her legs for the hotel. As a very sharp man, I knew he wanted to shag my babe 😀

7. They Tell Male Customers to Excuse them when Discussing With a Female Customer

Just because they don’t want you to know their plans and intentions as sodomizing womanizers, they will tell you to excuse them when discussing with a female customer. That was how I took a lady to a tailor sometime this year and he told me to excuse them for a confidential discussion which I did. She later told me the tailor was scoping her if I was her brother or boyfriend

8. They always close Late at Night

When you see a male tailor that closes late at night not because he’s busy sewing clothes or doing tailoring works, be rest assured that he’s waiting for a lady he will shag in his shop

9. They Escort Female Customers and Pay for their Fare

You will never see them caring enough to escort a male customer even if he’s handicapped, you will only see them giving a new female customer to a junction after which they will pay her fare.

10. They Entertain Female Customers only

Another way to spot them is that they only welcome and entertain female customers with soft drinks, snacks, etc. Last year, I went to a tailor’s shop with a course mate and the first thing he did when we entered his shop was that he ordered his servant to buy her La casera while he neglected me as if I was not of God’s creation 😀

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