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17 essential things to take to the NYSC camp

For those heading to the various NYSC camps across the country starting Thursday, November 24, what are the things they will need to survive the 17 days of the orientation camp? First, we consider the official requirements:

1. Call-up letter This is the official call-up letter given to you by the NYSC. This will be taken from you and not returned, so you must not forget it, for it is the only evidence that you are a prospective corps member. Also do not laminate it, for it will not be collected if you do so.

2. Registration documents If you are a foreign graduate you should take along the original credentials you uploaded to the NYSC Portal for physical verification and evaluation.

3. NYSC green card The NYSC green card is the first print out when you originally registered, before you printed your call-up letter, it contains your personal details and bio-data.

4. School ID card You also need to take along your school ID card, so if you have lost it, you have to make another one.

5. Statement of result The statement of result given to you by your university is also an important document to take along.

6. Photocopies Also make 10 copies each of all of the above documents, in case you are asked for more than one copy of any. There will be photocopiers in camp at mammy market but trust me, it is double the price and it saves time.

7. Passport photographers Passport photographs are also very important, so you need to take as many as you can along with you. About 20 passports in red backgrounds are needed. You will need these passports for the various registrations, which might include: skill acquisition groups, religious groups, sports, redeployment, bank account opening and so on.
8. Licenses For doctors, pharmacists, nurses and lab scientists, you need to take along your proof of certification. This include their certificates of registration with the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and for pharmacies with the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) respectively. Now we consider personal needs:

9. Round-neck t-shirts The round-neck white t-shirt is an essential outfit in camp in fact in most camps it is the only item of clothing allowed for the duration of the camp. You will be given 2 pairs by the camp administration and since you may not have time to wash, you might consider bringing extras.

10. White shorts You will be given two white shorts at the camp, but it is likely too small or two big, so it is advised to buy and bring extras for yourself.

11. White sneakers and socks The white sneakers are a very important part of your camp outfit. You will be given a pair customized for NYSC, but they are usually of low quality. So it would be better if you could get your own extra pair and white socks too. Other things you need and can buy in camp include:

12. Padlock
13. Bucket
14. Toiletries
15. Rechargeable flashlights
16. Towels
17. Slippers
Have a wonderful stay in camp.


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