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5 Reasons why some bloggers might not make it to Heaven

physical challenges that comes through blogging

Just as blogging as come to say,so also the spiritual and physical challenges that comes through blogging also. Some bloggers no longer care about their spiritual simply because of the stress and fun that is involve in blogging forgetting that at the end of the day if you acquire all the wealth and fame of life,you will still have to leave it (die) and face your creator someday to give an account of all what you have done while on earth.

Without wasting time to write further, let us look at this points:

1.They hardly attend church service

Think of a scenario where by as a blogger you are desperately in need of traffic and you will have to stay awake all night,most especially Saturday night. And then on Sunday morning the complains of fatigue and all that comes and you no longer have the strength to go for church service. If you keep repeating this attitude  this as a blogger,you’re on your way to doom.So therefore repent and attend your Sunday service because what is meant for you will never leave you no matter what!

2.They hardly study the scripture

they hardly have time to study the bible,all they care about is their blog and how to generate traffic in order to get adsense approval and start earning,forgetting that it’s the duty of every Christian to study and meditate on GOD’S word. Remember what Corinthians 7;31 says,”Those who use the things of the world should not be attached to them.For this world as we know will soon pass away. If you are involved in this,repent today!

3.They live on lies and feeding of wrong and untrue information

It’s no longer a lie that some bloggers entertain and educate the society with untrue informations,they post all kind of rubbish things in the name of blogging. 85 percent of what some bloggers post are unverified and false informations. Telling of lies are contrary to GOD’S will, the bible said this in Exodus 23;1,”You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with the wicked man to be a malicious witness.

4.They hard take care of their Family and spiritual life

they are mostly sucked to their computer or i should say they are always addicted to their computer. They never have time to the challenges their families face or what is lacking in their spiritual life and how to fix them,all they care about is their blog and how to make money.. It is  really sad and disheartening to see  someone whose family is in dear need of attention,love,care and support but no one is their to offer his or her attention simply because of the cares of life.

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5.They hardly post anything godly on their blog

Jesus Christ says that if you are ashame of me before men,i will be ashame of you before my father in heaven . Some Christian  bloggers feel ashame to post anything spiritual simply because they feel that is not what the consumers (audience) needs. If you are a blogger and at-least for once you don’t post anything godly to encourage your audience,then you need a change of heart today to start doing what is right.

I believe that after reading this post,you will have a change of heart and start doing what is right. If you know you are lacking in some important areas of life most especially spiritual area,try and fix it up today.


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