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A full understanding of corruption and development in Nigeria

corruption and development in nigeria

The word ” corruption” is derived from a Latin word “corruptus” which means to break or destroy . For this reflection,corruption simply means to break away or depart from morality,ethics and civic virtues. By Morality we mean :moral, principles,values,goodness,decency,honesty,etcetera.

Ethics is closely related to morality and refers to moral code,beliefs,traditional practices,habits,conventions,decrees of people.

While civic virtues is used today to describe those public qualities expected of every citizen. We therefore define “corruption”as a break away from what is good and right.

Corruption on another term is defined as “dishonesty”(which in other words is deceitfulness,fraudulence,lying,untruthfulness,treachery,duplicity).

According to the word bank definition on corruption: “corruption is the abuse of public office for private gains.Public office is abused for private gain when an official accepts,solicits or extorts a bribe. It is also abused when private agents actively offer bribes to circumvent public policies and processes for competitive advantage and profit.Public office can also be abused for personal benefit even if no bribery occurs through patronage and nepotism,the theft of state asserts or the diversion of state revenue.”

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Another definition of corruption could be seen as wrongdoing by those in a special  position of trust. The  term is commonly applied to self services”. No wonder,section 2 of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Commission Act,2000 defines corruption to include “bribery,fraud and other related offenses”. The most common type of corruption by this definition is bribery – which refers to the giving or taking of money or any kind of favor in return or exchange for undue advantage over other people. Today corruption exists in the form of abuse of power,extortion,embezzlement,inflation of contracts,kickbacks,diversion of funds,falsification of suppression record,perversion of justice,electoral malpractices,exam malpractices,drug trafficking,money laundering,abuse of selection processes,nepotism,sexual exploitation,gratification and so on.

With the presence of this in Nigeria,the obvious conclusion to be reached is that corruption is the bane of our growth. with all that we have identified as corruption, no nation can grow into a stable,peaceful and progressive society.Corruption is a grave sin,a serious evil and a crime because it threatens the very survival of a nation as it prevents the provision of basic social amenities for citizenry.

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