See 5 Reasons why relationship of a girl/boy of 18yrs, 19yrs, 20yrs,21yrs, 22yrs don’t always last long

Love is beautiful during this age, we always believe in true love, nobody thinks about heartbreaks, a lot promise always involve “like… I will never gonna leave you… We gonna marry in future ” but these promises wasn’t always fulfilled.

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  1. As you and your partner both continue to grow as people, both of your groups of friends may change. This is normal, but as your circle of friends drift apart, this can create distance between you and your partner. At the end of the day, you may be too tired to socialize or to hang out with your partner, so you resort to the weekends.
    This distance can lead to fights and arguments that will negatively affect your relationship.

2.Temptation of life, You and your partner are both going to be exposed to all different kinds of people. It is completely natural to be intrigued by these different people, but temptation is not always good in a relationship.
By giving into this attraction, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation that may result in cheating. Once trust has been broken, it is beyond difficult to gain it back.

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3. Pressure from parents, family and friends, these happens to girls, pressure to settle down and telling you to leave your broke lover who’s not independent, young girls pass through this moment, many young guys always lose their girl lover from this age bracket 22yrs to 25yrs+

4.Major blow of this age relationship is distance, hmm one may travel to far away from you and things will start shaking in the relationship.

5.I’m sorry to say this “money ”
There will be lack of support from your partner which may lead one giving someone chance in the relationship.

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