My friendship Fate from the late Tagbo’s feeling

My Friendship fate

i learnt yesterday that you came to my place and ask for me but i’m not around,really i thought i have a close friend? After all we look for each other go out together had fun,play football,go school together,but this my friend i am happy to be with him i believe he will be there for me in my present or while i am absent.

Ladies and gentlemen what did you think will be happening in this life while we were gone? Did those people you think they are so good and close to you will remember you everyday like the way they use to come for you.
I’m no where to be found now where is that my lovely friend that use to make me happy,Can he reach me now? But why friend! after all those days together you didn’t not even come to my home the way you usually do to ask of me from my parents,on my burial you’re no where to be found after all you promised me to be there for me while i’m still alive,how can my soul rest in peace when the person i thought is so good to me dumps me when i am about to dead?I see life as a mere thing now where i can never go again,if i had know the type of friend you are i wouldn’t have rely on you then,you’re celebrating when they laid me on that my eternity bed,the way i am sleeping now brings you no sadness instead you were still happy rejoicing around. I see life now and i’m so sacred! remember how we drink fully that night before my death you were present there but on my burial you’re absent. It hurts me alot seeing you as my friend,i wish i can touch you and talk with you,did you even know i’m with you in the room? You only bid me a farewell on social media what happen now? why can’t you come to my burial and bring a flower and pray for me so that i can have a pleasant sleep? I’m still waiting because of you i don’t believe you can treat me like this after all we do together,or did you know about my death? Are you that sacred of seeing me that’s why you don’t come to my burial? You thought i can resurrect and hurt you back? Why my friend? I only learnt now that nobody is good,people only knows you when you’re alive but when you are gone they quickly forget you and erase those memories all about you,there ways are so caring before but now they don’t care.

Where is now my so called friend? I have no one to play wih here? I only do things on my own no friend no foe,if i had know then i would have live a normal life like this but my mind is so far to think about it,i thought partying and drinking with you my friend is a life then only God knows if we haven’t met each other i could have live more than this in life self,i wish the lord can grant me a chance to come back to life and live the way i am now,there is no friend! people only come close to you to be a lover not to be with you forever. I miss life! to think about it once again with you my friend i feel the joy that start our friendship first but the end is tragedy,bitterness,shameful,unpoliteness,unbelievable,regretful,hatred,anger and death.

Rest in peace tagbo!!! No insult we only work on the way you will start feeling now good night.

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