Are you fed up did you have to leave Nigeria?


In your own view what did you think we mean by leaving Nigeria? Means flying out of the country to another country.

But this question can be classified to racist action because leaving Nigeria today is not the way,you’re a Nigerian citizen through birth but since every day the economy is getting worse more than what you think,now you changed your mind the next thing on your mind is flying to another country to chase your dream but my brother you don’t need that, kindly rest and think of the way out of recession by yourself. One thing you have to know is that their is that richest man in Africa and he is from which country? Nigeria!! How did he make it so far to that area? Which means did he used to have such money? Have you ever think about it once or just sit down and lay down a plan maybe you can make it to the possible outcome on your plan? My brother time is not waiting for any man,our own death will soon come today or tomorrow what have you establish? If you go today can Nigeria still remember you as one of its citizen?

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What a life in Nigeria!!
But only few number of the achievers is ready to help the youth and yet you keen on worshiping them? They used you in election for the sake of their own achievement and you either go to jail because of them or die but did they remember your deeds after the success they make on your action? Let’s cry out loud!! a lot we pass through but to make it easily for us is thoroughly in the front of us but because of our selfishness we ignore it and look for unknown ways that will surely lead to our downfall at end. Is that Life??

To be continued………

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