Love tips:12 Ways to love someone and they’ll love you back without taking you for granted

Relationship will be beautiful and amazing if you are loving right person.
There many ways on how to have a happy and long lasting relationship, but the most essential ones are, Tips: 12 Ways to love someone and they’ll love you back


  1. Make God the center of your relationship. Pray for your partner and your relationship.
  2. Be best friends forever
  3. Be faithful and trustworthy to each other.
  4. Love unconditionally.
  5. Forgive and let go.
  6. Admit your mistakes, learn something from them and ask for forgiveness.
  7. Maintain good communication.
  8. Keep dating each other everyday.

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9. Respect one another.
10. Never give up on the other.
11. Make surprises to each other.
12. Make time for each other.
Keep practicing these few tips and you will have a happy relationship that will last into marriage.


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