Relationship:5 Ways To Know Your That Your Partner is Already Loosing Interest in you

signs that shows your partner is gradually loosing interest in the relationship   Today i will be sharing some signs that shows your partner is gradually loosing interest in your relationship.These signs will show you that your partner may no longer interested in the relationship.

1.He/She no longer calls you like before:

When your partner doesn’t call you as he/she used to,then it’s a clear sign that your are gradually loosing your partner. When this begin to happen,just know that your relationship with your partner is now coming to an end gradually.

2.He/She avoids meeting you: When your partner starts avoiding you,you might have expired! Whenever you say you’re coming over,there’s is always one excuse you would get, it could be that he is not at home or she is busy.

3.Your Partner calls other guys and girls in your presence:

Whenever you are around your partner,he or she doesn’t bother in calling other guys and expressing love to them…this is a clear sign that your relationship is fading away

4. Your partner becomes too busy

when your partner loves you and he or she is into you,no amount of work or schedule can prevent him from having quality time with you; except he/she doesn’t want to. when he/she becomes too busy to share quality time with you,just know that it could be possible that you have expired in his life!

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5.You no longer receive money or gifts from your partner:

No reasonable guy or girl wants to continue investing in the life of someone he doesn’t want to share the future with. Guys normally think it’s a waste of resources taking care of the needs of a lady and ladies on the other hand will not like to give out their gifts to a guy that no longer cares for them. this sometimes is a clear indication that no more feelings in the relationship

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