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What You Must Do To Improve Your Life Before You Clock 25

Before you clock 25, you are young, curious, free and possibly single. This moment is golden, make it about you because the chance is there. Most of the decisions you take at this time are very essential and paramount, and you may have to bear their consequence throughout the rest of your life. I bring you a simple list that comprises of somethings that you should/must do before you clock 25.

1. Perfect Your Communication skill: I’ve been around and I have seen intelligent people that are very good at what they do but lack a proper sense of self expression. It’s always a struggle for them to make others understand them. English is our lingua franca in this country; as such, you must try as much as possible to
master the skill of expressing yourself coherently in English, else you will be left behind.

2. Identify and Exercise Your Talent: I don’t believe that there is anyone without a talent, a natural trait, inbuilt in you that makes you thrive or easily do what others find really cumbersome. Before 25, you must identify your talent and exercise it to the fullest. Your talent may not necessarily relate to your field of study, there are many Musicians out there that studied physics in the university. I have also noticed that people earn more using their talents than practising what they studied in school; if you doubt this, check how much Phyno earns per show and compare it to the salary of your family doctor. Begin to exercise that talent now!

3. Become tech savvy: This is the 21st century. Many things, if not all things around us are becoming computerized,even electric generators now have remotes. Before 25, you should become tech savvy, I’m not asking you to become a “Mark Zuckerburg wannabe” or something. Simply acquire a wide knowledge of computers and know how to
operate them well. Computers are taking over!

4. Suppress Shyness: A shy person feels nervous and uncomfortable about meeting and talking to people, they prefer being alone most times. My dear, the colossal affairs of this world are not run by shy people, check around you to confirm that. Its not a bad thing to be shy, but it becomes bad if you become complacent about the condition and remain in its cage. Work yourself out of the spirit of shyness, I know how much opportunities I have lost to that spirit myself. I dare you to address a crowd this week or better still, take up the role of an MC in the birthday party of any of your friends.

5. Cling To A Particular Faith: There are many religions in the world today and people that practise these religions have full conviction that they are in the right religion, except for probably some few. Before you clock 25, you should decide whether or not to believe in any faith. And whatever faith you choose, cling to it.

6. Develop Your sense of Responsibility: Before you clock 25, you must prove to your parents/guardians that you are a responsible person. This is not done in a day of course, it usually starts when you become a teenager. You must let them see those qualities in you that will assure them that they can confidently assign you big responsibilities. This goes a long way in giving them a spirit of fulfilment.

7. Relate well With the Opposite sex: This is pretty much self explanatory and akin to
the fourth point above. You must learn how to relate well and express yourself freely around individuals of the opposite sex. Boys, na una need this one pass, you better learn this “skill” or watch someone marry that girl you’ve always been “eyeing”.

8. Plan Your future: Before you clock 25, you should plan your life and try to follow the scheme you have laid down for yourself. Are you going to learn a trade or go to school? Which ever one your case may be, you should plan everything before 25. Most of the world’s most successful people started early enough, Dangote, Bill gates, Mark zuckerburg, Psquare, Frank Edwards, etc.

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